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The most well-known Spanish dish: Paella Valenciana

The birthplace of heavenly paella, refreshing horchata, and artistic Lladró porcelain figures, Valencia is the first producer of oranges in Europe and the home of famous architect Santiago Calatrava! There is so much to know about this amazing city!

I’ve visited Spain about a million times, for work and pleasure, and have returned to a number of Spanish cities on multiple occasions. Valencia was one of the first cities I visited on one of my earliest trips and after several years of travel I never forgot its amazing traditional food and local recipes.

“Valencia is located in the middle of the sunny eastern coast of Spain, and is a three and a half hour drive from both Madrid and Barcelona. It’s a perfect stop between these two major cities, with a vast and beautiful coast line, wonderfully mild weather all year round and truly delicious traditional cuisine.”
This are definitely some of the reasons why I have decided to live here.

There is so much to discover in Valencian culinary scene, seafood, sweets, cheeses and more but everyone knows the most famous Spanish dish, one of the symbols of Spain.

Have you ever heard of paella? The cornerstone of Spanish cuisine? Paella is a traditional Valencian dish which dates back to the 18th century. It’s made of rice, meats, vegetables and in some variations, seafood. Today paella has become a symbol of the Valencian identity and a source of local pride.
This is a reason on its own to come and visit this amazing city, which has so much else to offer.


I’m a foodie, I love cooking and I always have travelled for food. I still remembered the first time I had paella here in Valencia. I fell immediately in love with this amazing dish, so representative of Spain and so tasty!

If you love cooking, and you want to learn everything about Spain’s most delicious dish, why don’t you join us on our fun Paella cooking class experience?
Let’s make paella together!! You can get to visit the beautiful central market with our expert guide and learn about the authentic ingredients used to make the real paella Valenciana. You’ll get to visit the historical centre of the city while discovering some history through food!
You’ll cook your own paella with our great Valencian Chefs and obviously get to indulge at the end eating your delicious creation while tasting amazing local wines.